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The lives of human beings are now being supported by the various industrial products and commodities produced in factories. Moreover, many of these industrial products are made out of metal. It is certainly no exaggeration to say that modern society benefits enormously from metal and could not exist without it. HAYASHI is undertaking its business activities with the belief that the primary purpose of this company is to recycle and reuse the metal contained in the substances and waste products thrown away by factories in order to enhance the lives of the people. Making a social contribution by locating valuable resources in urban areas and recycling and reusing them; Returning the valuable resources society entrusts to us in order to contribute to the nation, the society, and the lifestyles of the people themselves: These are our missions.

HAYASHI was founded in 1971 as a business mainly involved in the recycling of special metals. We are a specialized trading company and in particular we possess a level of expertise in sorting and testing cobalt scrap, which is unrivaled in Japan. Over the years we have been working hard to put in place a recycling system that generates high added value. In 2002 we became one of the first companies in our industry to obtain ISO9001 certification, and in 2005 we opened the Nara Technology Development Center. Going forward HAYASHI will further expand its close cooperation with universities and research institutions, improve its technological capacity in the area of recycling of special metals, and make further contributions to the society of which we are a part.

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Location of Head Office
1-15-29 Obori Matsubara-shi Osaka 580-0006
Company Head
President Masanobu Hayashi
Major clients
light electrical appliance manufacturers, blast furnace manufacturers, semiconductor manufacturers, general trading companies, etc.
Major products
rare metal alloy scrap (cobalt, nickel, precious metals, rare earth elements, and all other rare metals)